Design and Install a Gorgeous Landscape

Sustainable Landscaping Practices in Garden Ridge and New Barunfels, TX

Our comprehensive landscape design and installation process always includes a free initial consultation. We'll help you get a beautiful, self-sufficient landscape that involves very little maintenance. A design fee is applicable only if we draw a to-scale design, and then the fee is waived once we begin to work on the project.

Bring out the natural beauty of your landscape

We strive to plant low-water and low-maintenance native plants to minimize the impact on the environment. By practicing permaculture, which relies on the natural flow of water, your landscape won't need a lot of additional watering. We aim to bring out the natural beauty of every yard and make a positive impact on both you the client, and the landscape in general.

Contact Venture Organic Landcare today to design and install the landscape of your dreams in Garden Ridge and New Braunfels, TX and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Venture Organic Landcare

Imagine a lawn that celebrates the land's natural qualities and embraces organic practices to grow plants that are happy and healthy. When you partner with Venture Organic Landcare, we'll provide comprehensive landscape design and installation services designed to transform your Garden Ridge and New Braunfels, TX yard into a sustainable retreat.

We provide premier landscaping services to commercial and residential properties, including:

  1. Landscape and hardscape design and installation: A blend of the two is the best option for a Texas landscape.
  2. Plant bed services: We can design and build plant or rock beds on existing landscapes or start with a blank canvas. Depend on us to mulch the beds, too.
  3. Xeriscape design and installation: These landscape designs rely on little to no irrigation. They're great for low-water regions like Texas.
  4. Walkway and pathway installation: We install pavers, flagstones and patio extensions.
  5. Water redirection services: We'll improve your yard if it's prone to water build-up or other water flow issues.

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